Why Is Narendra Modi Trying To Become A ‘Mahatma’?

Very recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi compared himself with Mahatma Gandhi. The issue was about that controversial photo frame where he shared the podium with Nirav Modi, one of the main culprits of PNB scam, the biggest ever bank fraud in the history of independent India.

Time and again, ever since Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi have been exposed in their roles, PM Modi has been targetted by the Indian opposition for his alleged role in helping them going out of India.At present, both they are far from the reigns of Indian police and in spite of consistent assurance from the central government, it doesn’t seem that BJP government will be able to bring the fugitives back in India.

PM Modi is well aware of the controversy regarding the controversial photo frame. That is why he tried to divert the whole issue and criticised the opposition parties for dubbing industrialists as ‘chor’ and ‘Lootera’.

He also went on to say that like farmers, bankers, government employees, and laborers – industrialists too contribute to the development of the country.No doubt, this is a shrewd remark as Narendra Modi wants to woo the business community ahead of the elections. He is well aware that in the coming Lok Sabha Elections, his party will definitely be requiring funds.What did bring controversy is the comparison which he brought quite strategically. He went on to say that Mahatma Gandhi’s intentions were so pure that he never hesitated in staying with the Birla family.

With this, PM Modi is actually comparing himself with Mahatma Gandhi and on the other, he is comparing the Birlas with Nirav Modi. Both the comparisons don’t stand at all.Time and again, from Swacch Bharat Abhiyan to this, PM Modi has tried to use the shadow of Mahatma Gandhi and chased of becoming such with adjectives.No doubt, the opposition criticised him for bringing such an abysmal comparison. Only time will tell whether PM Modi will end up mocking himself by comparing himself with the Father of the Nation.