No info on missing Hyderabad youngster in US

Hyderabad: There is no breakthrough yet in the case of Hyderabad-based youngster Mirza Ali Ahmed Baig who was reported missing from New Jersey on Saturday.

Shujat Baig, younger brother of Ahmed Baig, said the Indian embassy in the US had contacted them on Tuesday and took all details about Baig, assuring them that they would investigate the matter.

However, there was no news yet on the whereabouts of Baig, with the police yet to give any indication on what had happened, Shujat Baig said, adding that his brother’s educational documents and passport were also reportedly missing.

“A person who stayed with my brother informed us that the local police had said that they would wait for seven days, as there were chances that he might have gone away on his own,” he said.
Meantime, Ahmed Baig’s brother-in-law tried calling his employer, who initially did not respond to the calls. But when he was called from a different number, the employer responded. His response, Shujat Baig alleged, was negative and abusive.