Charminar is now the new hangout spot

Hyderabad: Thanks to the Charminar Pedestrianisation Project (CPP), visitors these days are spending more time around the historic monument than inside it.

Till the implementation of the project which started to clear space around and restrict traffic movement, visitors here could hardly hang around and savour the fine architecture and motifs of the majestic structure. All they could do was to squeeze through the bustle around and enter it.

Now, with the Charminar getting a makeover and the immediate environs undergoing a major change with pedestrianisation, huge crowds have started to throng the vicinities. And more time is being spent by them in going around the structure, catching a sight of it from different points and appreciating the beauty of it.

The CPP as the project is called has also ensured that the surroundings of the monument get a new look with stone flooring, neatly done pavements and other facilities.“On an average about 8,000 people have been visiting the monument every day since the Dasara vacation. We expect the rush to continue till December end when the festive season ends,” said incharge of the monument, Gopal Rao.

2 types of visitors

Shopkeepers doing business around the monument too have noticed a significant change in the pattern of the visitors. There are two sets of visitors these days — one who come specifically to have a glimpse of the monument and climb on to it and the second happens to be those who just come to enjoy the evening ambience and stay put till late into the night.

“After 6 pm, there are tourists who come in hordes just to get themselves snapped at different points on the stretch in front of the historic Mecca Masjid and the Gulzar Houz. Earlier it was not so considering the traffic flow on the stretch,” said Nayeemuddin, who works at a juice centre.
Deepak, who had come along with his family from Bengaluru says, “Two years ago I had visited the place. But it is completely changed now. There is ample space to indulge in fun, walk around and of course, take innumerable pictures in evening”.

Another tourist, Vikram points out that little more needs to done in form of amenities. “You cannot expect visitors to bring in mats to spread and sit. The authorities should provide some benches for sitting. Seating facility is now only at a few shops where you are allowed only on purchasing juices or snacks,” he said.