With 16 Lawmakers Accused Of Kidnapping Charges, BJP Occupies First Slot In ADR Report

Around 64 legislators representing in the Assemblies and Parliament have declared charges of kidnapping against themselves. Of these 16 are from BJP followed by 6 each from Indian National Congress and RJD. at has been trying relentlessly for electoral and political reforms in India.

As per press release of ADR it is found that ADR and NEW have analyzed the affidavits of 4856 sitting MPs/MLAs, including 770 MPs and 4086 MLAs. Out of these 4856 MPs/MLAs, 1024(21%) have declared serious criminal charges against themselves. Among these 1024 MPs/MLAs, 64 (6%) have declared charges related to kidnapping against themselves.

There are 5 Lok Sabha and 3 Rajya Sabha MPs who have declared charges related to Kidnapping against themselves. These MPs from Lok Sabha are – Naba Kumar Sarania ( IND) from Assam, Rajesh Ranjan Urf Pappu Yadav ( RJD), Rama Kishore Singh (LJP), Sarfaraz Alam ( RJD), from Bihar Shrimant Chh Udayanaraje Pratap Singha Bhonsale (NCP) from Maharashtra.

The Rajya Sabha MPs who have declared charges related to Kidnapping against themselves are- Dhoot Rajkumar Nandal (SHS), Narayan Tatu Rane (BJP) from Maharashtra and Chandra Pal Singh Yadav (SP) from Uttar Pradesh.

Out of MLAs with declared charges related to kidnapping, the highest number of MLAs i.e. 9 each are from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh followed by Maharashtra and West Bengal 8 and 6 each respectively.Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala, and Punjab have one legislator each with kidnapping charges against them.