Supreme Court Orders Parliament To Come Up With A New Law …

Today 17/07/2018, SC condemned recent mob killings against minorities and other vulnerable communities and their acts of Mobocracy. The SC asked the Parliament members to come up with a special strong law to punish such mob guilty.

A three-judge panel led by CJI Deepak Mishra held a course of action of the State to protect its citizens and ensure the Social pluralistic construction against such Mob Violence.

The panel containing Justices Mishra, DY Chandrachud, and AM Khanwilkar opines such law should instill fear among the mob criminals.

The court also pointed on the growing no. of incidents of mob killings that took place every other day right before our eyes in this society.

The government should see these incidents as a strong request of action/Clarion Call and work towards strengthening the social harmony among the hugely populated country.

It was also a moral requirement of both the states and the center to make sure that nobody takes law into their own hands nor become a law of their own.

The Supreme Court also directed several preventive, remedial and punishing measures to deal with the above mob lynching and mob violence.

The court ordered the update on the above issue with compliance reports by August 15th.