NRC Episode: Haryana Leaders Demand NRC In The State To SafeGuard State’s Local Populace

Releasing the farsightedness of daft NRC of Assam published recently, several leaders and social activists of Haryana also demanded the similar historic document in the state as to safeguard the local indigenous people of Haryana and also Hindus living in the state.

In a joint press conference held in Gurugram- state economic capital, they expressed serious concern about the growing number of foreigners coming from different countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Afghanistan and living like native people while encroaching upon the cultivating land and commercial spaces.

“ As per a reliable source, there are 20-25 lakhs foreign national particularly coming from Bangladesh have been living in Haryana. The situation has reached to such a point that now Hindu dominated areas particularly Mewat has become a Hindu Minority area.

Already the crime committed by these migrant people of Bangladesh has drastically increased. Now it’s the right time to safe ground the interest of local Hindu population of the state,” said Vikram Singh Yadav, President of Bharat Bachao Sangathan and a popular leader of Gurugram.

Opposing the move on the part of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Vikram Singh Yadav said, “ Mamata Banerjee is playing politics as to please her vote bank. She has no philosophy any short in her political life. Before becoming CM she used to oppose the infiltration from Bangladesh. Now she is opposing the NRC for fear of losing her Muslim vote bank. She is an opportunist politician and we should expose her in totto.”

“We have pointed out the matter several times to the district authority in Gurugram how these people of suspicious nature are living in different parts of Gurgaon and Mewat. They are now flourishing in the business of different verticals. But nobody from the administration heeds any attention toward such problem,” said Vijay Yadav, Convenor of Bharat Bachao Sangathan.

“The day is not far when the Hindus in Haryana will be minority like several districts in Assam where Hindus have become Minority in their own homeland and they are living in constant fear psychosis because of the dominance of the Muslim people in every walk of life -from business to trade and commerce, from education to Government jobs,” said Gautam Saini.
Now, these leaders have decided to appeal the state Government to enact NRC without any flaws.

‘“We will appeal to Haryana Government to introduce an NRC in the state as to safeguard the interest of indigenous Hindu people of the state so that our future generation remains safe,” said Vijaya Gaur another social activist and leader of the said organization.