Kumaraswamy Laments: Is BJP To Form A Government Soon In Karnataka?

It has been only a few months and there are too many fractures in Congress -Kumaraswamy, JD(S) alliance. And currently, the fractures seem to be simply too many and irreparable.

At a recent event organized by JD(S), Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has lamented at the state of affairs of the coalition government. He considers himself to be a victim of the coalition dharma and certainly things don’t look too bright for the opportunistic coalition government.

Sooner or later, the alliance may face an ultimate breakdown which can give BJP yet another lifeline or rather, another election in the southern state.

Regarding the strained relations between the coalition partners, Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy remarked,”You are standing with bouquets to wish me, as one of your brothers has become the chief minister, and you all are happy, but I’m not. I know the pain of running a coalition government.

I became like Lord Vishwanath and swallowed the pain of this government. The chief minister’s post is not a bed of roses, it’s a bed of thorns. If the pressure gets to me, I’ll have no hesitation in resigning in less than a couple of hours. I’m not after power.

I was only interested in becoming the chief minister to save our farmers from the debt trap.” He also pointed out why his job has become so difficult. On one hand, he referred the Congress as a coalition partner, and BJP as opposition and also, aspiration of the JD(S) MLAs.

Indeed there are few possibilities right now. It was clear right from the beginning that HD Kumaraswamy government is not going to complete its tenure of five years. From an ideological perspective, JD(S) and Congress are miles apart. Many Congress MLAs disliked the whole idea of being part of a government under HD Kumaraswamy’s leadership.

Side by side, the presence of BJP under Yeddyurappa is another case of concern. Thus HD Kumaraswamy is trying to gain sympathy with all such cheap tricks.

On the other hand, he is ruing the fact that he should have gone in an alliance with the BJP instead of Congress. It may be too far-fetched, but BJP has a strong case here. A saffron surge in the state even at this time of the year is not at all going to be a surprising one.