Kerala Government Announces Rs 1 Lakh Special Lottery Offer

The Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) has announced a special lottery to raise additional relief funds for the flood-ravaged state, Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Issac said here on Friday.

Issac told the media that the cost of a ticket would be Rs 250 with the draw on October 3, with the entire proceeds of the lottery going towards the CMDRF.“The lottery has been named ‘Ashwas’ and there would be the first prize of Rs 1 lakh in each series and Rs 5,000 for 108,000 tickets,” the Minister said.

An informed source said: “The target of this special lottery is to raise Rs 100 crore, which will be the net profit for the state government after meeting all expenses of this special lottery if all the tickets are sold.”The floods have killed some 370 people since the monsoon rains began on May 29. It has caused widespread destruction, forcing more than one million people to take shelter in relief camps.