Is Everyone Playing A Blame Game, On Amritsar Train Tragedy??

The Amritsar train tragedy which has taken more than 59 lives already, mostly Dusshera revelers, has yet again exposed the lack of Indian Railways and local authorities. The whole sequence of events has been devastating, to say the least, and no doubt, such a situation could have been easily avoided with particular attention and care.

As of now, the DMU train driver, who was directly involved in the tragic incident, clarified that in spite of applying the emergency brakes he was not able to prevent the casualties. Anyhow this doesn’t necessarily give a clean chit to the Railway authorities.The eyewitness accounts have been very different altogether. They have rubbished the claims of the driver and has said that the train didn’t slow down. In fact, many of the people have said that the driver is lying in some regards. The driver narrated how stones were pelted towards the train.

This has been a big loophole and looks like a case of creative alibi in this regard. Not only it is the case of the DMU driver but the role of local Congress Councillor is also under the scanner. Although there have been counterclaims, many people have pointed out that Navjot Singh Sidhu’s wife was irresponsible with her attitude.Many people have complained that she left the people amidst such a big tragedy. The utter carelessness of the Congress Party in this regard, in organizing such an event just beside the railway track is ill-conceived. Accept it or not, Congress cannot avoid responsibility in this regard.

The roles of Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal and Mos for Railways Manoj Sinha have been sorry to say the least. Piyush Goyal’s whereabouts are still not clear and supposedly he is not in India. Such a big accident and no formal statement from the Union Minister – is indeed sad and disheartening.

Both the central government and the Congress government in Punjab are responsible for this tragedy. Questions being raised regarding the decision to burn the Ravana effigy as well. From primary accounts, it has been told that explosion of fireworks was so defeating that the crowd failed to hear the train.Altogether, the Amritsar rail tragedy has exposed the lack of coordination and carelessness among the concerned officials.