Hyderabad cops at their creative best

Police in the State capital are on a spirited social media campaign, using the best of their creativity to create awareness on various crime and law related issues.

From Twitter to Facebook and WhatsApp, the social media accounts of Cyberabad, Rachakonda and Hyderabad City Police, apart from wings like the SHE Teams, Women’s Safety, City Traffic wing and some police stations like Sultan Bazaar, are using colourful and informative cartoons, picture posts and videos to drive home the message.

From posts on traffic rules, urging people to cross the roads using zebra crossings, to those asking to wear helmets, against drug abuse and also not to text while driving, cops in the capital are stepping it up.

“We observed that when we try to tell people anything or give them any directives to ensure they do not get cheated or fall prey to any form of fraud, they do not pay much attention. But this is having some impact. So, we have started this,” says Janaki Ram Reddy, Sub-Inspector, IT Cell, Rachakonda.“Such creative posts not only catch the attention of people, but are also shared widely. This helps us to spread awareness on a large scale,” he adds.

Hashtags are used abundantly like those against child marriage, or saying no to honking, speed thrills but kills, on safety of women and children, adding strangers on Facebook and the associated perils, and also on how not to share personal details with phone calls from persons claiming themselves to be from the bank.For instance, #Don’tShare as #BanksNeverAsk goes one, while another says #StopChildMarriage.

“This is the trend and helps us to connect with people easily. The Twitter handles of the Mumbai Police, Delhi Police and Bengaluru Police have this on their official accounts. The Mumbai police have even hired a PR agency to develop these creatives for them,” says M Ramesh, DCP (East Zone).“The Hyderabad City Police, the Hyderabad Traffic wing and Sultan Bazar police station are quite active in spreading awareness with these creatives,” he adds.