Food For Thought : Is Me Too Movement Platform Misused ?

Every day one by one Bollywood stars are getting exposed under the Me Too Movement. Some of the victims are expressing harrowing tales of their exploitation in social media and some of them have even gone to appear in electronic media in front of the cameras.Now biggest questions is that platform used properly or misused! But the biggest question is if an allegation is levelled on an individual without any legal evidence, how they can get justice from the court. Is there any substance behind these allegations? Or is it an effort for a publicity stunt?

One noticeable trend in all these allegations is that mostly lesser known actors, director and producers are the victims of these serious allegations. We have read so many stories and gossips of the big stars, director and producer about their pervert and unhygienic sexual behaviour. But none of them has come into the pictures so far. Are the victims of these big superstars and directors still afraid of them?

Another trend of these allegations is that only a few lesser knows actresses, writers and scribes have alleged with different stories in front of the media. Why they are not mustering the courage to lodge a police complaint? These victims’ odd act of describing dirty incidents shamelessly in front of the camera only prove they want publicity only nothing else and even justice also if they were victimised. Because Bollywood moves on publicity. The more one gets publicity- both negative and positive, he/she becomes popular and get more work Bollywood industry.

Other trends of these allegations are that most of the incidents happened 10 to 20 years back. If something serious exploitation had happened why those incidents were not reported earlier? Why such a long period of gap and silence?Surprisingly Bollywood is the only place where negative publicity brings positive results. This has proved in the life of several actors, actresses, producers and directors. Even if a movie also gets negative publicity before its release, the movie becomes a super hit. The recent case of Padmavat is a burning example in this regard.

Me Too Movement gained momentum in India after actress Tanushree Dutta brought serious allegations of sexual harassment against the veteran actor Nana Patekar.
Even interior designer and Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan said that anyone shouldn’t make false allegation on an individual without having any legal evidence. They should use social media platforms in a correct manner.

Now it’s times that Government also brings rules and regulations and even legislation as to stop those people who are using this platform as a tool of taking revenge on the personal vendetta. The more it is done soon the better it would be for all.