First of its kind call centre to guide realty buys

After launching a host of IT-enabled services in the last one year, the Registrations and Stamps Department has taken one more vital step towards citizen-friendly initiative by launching a call centre. The first of its kind call centre will be available from August 1 to guide citizens at every step of their real estate transactions, in addition to fielding queries and doubts that often crop up for buyers while dealing with elaborate rules and regulations in Indian Stamps Act, 1899 and Registration Act 1908.“Six telephone lines in the office of the Commissioner and Inspector General, Registration and Stamps Department, Telangana, have been set up.

The sole aim of the service is to deliver efficient and quality services to citizens,” said Joint Inspector General, Stamps and Registration Department, Dr Vemula Srinivasulu.  General public can also seek guidance or get clarifications related to registration of documents, registration of Hindu and special marriages, registration of societies and firms and even administration of chit fund business, encumbrance certificates and many more services that fall under the department’s jurisdiction.

The Registration and Stamps Department has decided to maintain an electronic log that will record calls, which is important to maintain quality of the service. In fact, the call log will also help monitor the replies given by call centre executives and enable the department to get feedback from the citizens with regard to quality performance of the call centre. In another unique measure, the department has also introduced an escalation matrix protocol that will enable public to get timely and proper reply for their issues from the department. In fact, if the caller is unhappy with the reply, the calls and issues can be escalated to a superior officer in-charge, the Department officials said The department has identified a private company Netexcell, an established software and voice service provider, to operate the call centre, which will be under the supervision of the department.