Bangladesh Student Protesters Attacked In Dhaka: Indian Media Silent

Bangladesh is facing yet another crisis as young students are protesting against abysmal road safety conditions. A week back, a boy and a girl were killed by a speeding bus. Since then, thousands of pupils have been out on Dhaka’s roads. The pupils are stopping traffic and checking vehicles and drivers.

Especially the routine check is to find whether there are under-age drivers or not and lawful license papers are with them or not. The situation has turned violent as the police have fired bullets at them.As of now, more than 100 people have been injured and the situation is indeed going out of control of the Sheikh Hasina government. There are complains that leaders of the Bengal Chhatra League, a political outfit, are instigating in an attack against the student protestors.

There have been allegations of rape, detention of female students. More than 14 journalists have been admitted in Dhaka hospitals after Chhatra League attack. The situation is indeed grim and the country is sensing utter lawlessness in the streets.There is no denying the fact that Bangladesh transport sector is indeed a segment which is corrupt, unregulated and needs immediate attention. Anyhow, the role of the Awami League government and that of the police are confusing. Even the common people are shocked by the way the police have fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the protestors.

Let’s not forget the fact that most of the protestors are young and the demonstration was never a political one. The role of the pro-government Bangladesh Chhatra League is also not beyond any question and time and again, the indecent behavior towards Bangladeshi women is indeed of shame and embarrassment.The loud silence of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is not at all helping the situation at all. There have been innumerable reports of sexual assault in the streets. Students have been chanting ‘we want justice’ and no one knows what is going to happen next.

The silence of the Indian media in covering such a protest in neighboring Bangladesh is indeed surprising. The current Narendra Modi government is supposed to be close to the Sheikh Hasina regime but no doubt, the internal situation in Bangladesh is definitely going to have a major impact in the bordering districts of India.There is indeed a possibility that Bangladesh government may opt for military forces to crush the protests. In such a scenario, it is too early to say what is going to be India’s stand in the context. Already, the update on NRC in Assam has created ripples across the border over the possibility of a probable push back.