2019 Election Is Like Churning The Ocean Of Milk By Devas And Asuras …

The 2019 parliamentary election assumes not just political importance but it also has great mythological importance as well. It is a fight between a leader with great vision and influence – Modi ji and a bunch of selfish politicians who are extremely manipulative.

Modiji is trying to create a real and true world but on the contrary, those who play politics of dynasty and corruption are working overtime to create a world full of perception, fear, uncertainty, negativity, and pessimism. If we look at the 2019 election from the mythological point of view, we can relate it with the churning the ocean of milk by Devas and Asuras for the nectar of immortality.Like in democracy, how the ruling party and opposition have to work together, during Samudra manthana (समुद्रमन्थन) (churning of the ocean) for the nectar of immortality, the Devas had to work with Asuras.

Lord Vishnu made sure that the nectar of immortality, when churned out, does not go to Asuras as that would destroy the world. But for churning the ocean with the mountain as churning rod and vasuki nag as churning rope, Devas had to work with Asuras.For a stable democracy and to prevent autocracy, strong opposition is inevitable. But the power to rule the country should not be given to the opposition parties as it would be like gifting the nectar of immortality to Asuras after Samudra manthana.

Vishnu was wise enough to guide the Devas not to give the nectar of immortality to Asuras. Today we the Indians must play the role of Lord Vishnu and must ensure Modiji come back to power in 2019 and the power doesn’t go to the degenerating forces.Modiji is working hard to build new India where truth, merit, and honesty alone shall prevail. On the other hand, the opposition parties are reducing the image of India by creating a perception that India is full of lynchers.

Every isolated and sporadic incident is given communal color by the opposition and trying to malign the image of India. The question is can the Indians afford to give a mandate to those who defame India?A leader like Modiji with extraordinary vision and influence is fighting against a bunch of manipulative politicians. Modiji is not just fighting for BJP or for him to become Prime Minister of India but he is fighting for several millions of Indians. Modiji is working hard to develop the country and achieve Sab Ka Vikas.

Asuras were inevitable for churning the Samudra manthana and even the Hindu mythology has shown that. Similarly, we need opposition for the healthy functioning of democracy. But when the opposition turns to behave like Asuras, every Indian must responsibly play the role of Lord Vishnu by not giving the mandate to the opposition parties to ruin India.Instead, people must ensure Modiji get a massive mandate in 2019 where Modiji has an absolute majority in both the houses so all reform initiatives he can do without any disruption by the opposition parties.

No opposition party can clearly say why they hate Modiji. They hate Modiji purely because Modiji is building New India where performance alone is going to count and not politics. In New India, the opposition politicians have very little chance to loot India or get a commission. In the New India, dynasty politics, politics of minority appeasement and fear monger shall give no advantage to the opposition parties.

Most of the opposition parties are angry with Modiji because Modiji is reforming the country, breaking the culture of party politics and have brought performance, development and Sab Ka Vikas. Naturally the vision and leadership quality of Modiji is alien to them.They fear Modiji because Modiji is influencing the people, creating awareness and educating the electorates on how to choose the best and reject the worst. Most of the opposition parties know that they are the worst. Instead of trying to improve their role responsibly and become the best, they chose to abuse Modiji not just politically, even personally.

Certainly, 2019 election will pave way for completion of New India mission initiated by Modi ji.